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Cesar Santos is a Cuban-American artist, born in Santa Clara, Cuba and brought up in Miami, Florida. He studied at the New World School of the Arts in Florida, followed by a period training in Florence. Subsequently, Santos moved to New York City, immersing himself in the vibrant art scene. While in New York, he received first prize in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s photography competition, ‘It’s Time We Met’. 

Santos work has been exhibited in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia, including at the Museum of Art and Design, Miami; Palazzo Cipolla, Rome; the Villa Bardini Museum, Florence; National Gallery, Costa Rica; and the Beijing World Art Museum, China. His work features in the collections of significant institutions including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sicily, the New Salem Museum and Academy of Fine Art in Massachusetts, and the Museum of Design in Miami. 

Santos currently lives and works in Florence, Italy and he is represented by Robilant+Voena Gallery.

Studio shot, Cesar Santos Studio, studio shot, tha artist in the studio




CESAR SANTOS. Cuban-American, b.1982.


Solo Shows


InFormal, Sep 12th - Oct 27, Robilant+Voena Gallery, Milan, Italy.


PAGES, Dec 7th - Dec 21st, Maxwell Alexander Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.


SYNCRETISM, Apr 14th - 30th, Maxwell Alexander Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.


CESAR SANTOS Drawings, Sep 10th - Oct 6th, Waltman Ortega Fine Art, Miami, FL.


THE ARTIST’S ACCOMPLICE, Jan 24th - Feb 23rd , Oxenberg Fine Arts, Miami, FL.


PAISAJES y RETRATOS, Dec 6th - 20th, National Gallery, San Jose, Costa Rica.


SYNCRETISM, Oct 27th - Nov 26th, Eleanor Ettinger Chelsea, New York, NY.


BEYOND REALISM, Apr 7th - 9th, Oxenberg Fine Arts, Miami, FL.


NEW IMPRESSIONS, Mar 5th - 29th, Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, TX.


FAREWELL, Apr 30th - Jun 29th, Cernuda Arte, Coral Gables, FL.


BALLERINAS, Aug 31st - Sept 15th, Tower Theatre, Miami, FL.


Group Exhibitions


IPOTESI METAVERSO, Apr. 5th - July 23rd, Palazzo Cipolla, Roma.



DIFFERENCES, Nov 20th - Dec 30th, 5.Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.


ART WYNWOOD, Feb 11th - Feb 15th , Miami, FL.

PARADIGM SHIFT, Mar 29th - May 31st, M.A.S. Gallery, Miami, FL.

CORPO A CORPO, Oct 26th – Jan 12th , Villa Bardini Museum, Firenze, Italy.


ART MIAMI, Dec 4th - 9th, Miami, FL.

OASI, Nov 24th - Mar 17th 2019, Mac,n Museo di Arte Contemporanea e del

Novecento, Pistoia, Italy.

ART WYNWOOD, Feb 15th - 19th, Miami, FL.

LA ART SHOW, Jan 10th - 14th, LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA.


ART MIAMI, Dec 5th - 10th, Miami, FL.


Scuderie Estensi, Tivoli.

FIVE AND UNDER, Aug 12th - 31st, Arcadia Contemporary, Culver City, CA.

ART WYNWOOD, Feb 16th - 20th, Miami, FL.


12 BY 12 IN 12, Dec 10th - 31st, Arcadia Contemporary, Culver City, CA.

SCOPE, Nov 29th - Dec 4th, Miami Beach, FL.

ART MIAMI, Nov 29th - Dec 5th, Miami, FL.

ART WYNWOOD, Feb 11th - 15th, Miami, FL.


CONTEXT Art Miami, Dec 2nd - 7th, Miami, FL.

ART MIAMI-NEW YORK, May 14th - 17th, Pier 94, New York City, NY.

ART WYNWOOD, Feb 12th - 16th, Art Wynwood Pavilion, Miami, FL.

ART PALM BEACH, Jan 21st - 25th, Palm Beach County Convention Center, Palm

Beach, FL.


COSMIC CONNECTION, Dec 2nd - 7th, Concept Art Fair (Art Basel Week), Miami, FL.

FIXATION, Apr 18th - May 11th, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL.

PAPER HEARTS, Feb 13th, MDC Museum of Art+Design, Miami, FL.

ART PALM BEACH, Jan 23rd - 27th, Palm Beach County Convention Center, Palm

Beach, FL.

MIA ART FAIR, Jan 16th - 20th, Downtown Miami aboard Seafair, Miami, FL.


ART WYNWOOD, Feb 14th - 18th, The Art Miami Pavilion, Miami, FL.

INCOGNITO, Jan 31st, Naples Museum of Art, Naples, FL.

LA FINE ART SHOW, Jan 23rd - 27th, LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA.


WORLD OF ART SHOWCASE, Dec 20th - 22nd, Wynn Las Vegas, NV.

FAN FOREVER, Sept 20th - Nov 2nd, MDC Museum of Art+Design, Miami, FL.

CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN REALISM, Sept 15th - Nov 4th, Beijing World Art

Museum, Beijing, China.

AMERICAN FIGURATIVE, Jun 1st - Jul 8th, Albemarle Gallery, London,UK.

NUDE, Mar 30th - Apr 28th, Albemarle Gallery, London, UK.

THE FIGURE IN AMERICAN ART, Feb 9th - Mar 31st, Eleanor Ettinger Gallery, New

York, NY.

ART PALM BEACH, Jan 20th - 23rd, Palm Beach County Convention Center, Palm

Beach, FL.


ACOPAL, Dec 18th - Feb 27th, The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio.

INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION, Nov 28th - Jan 27th, Nina Torres Fine Arts,

Miami, FL.

SALON INTERNATIONAL, Apr 2nd - 22nd, Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, TX.


CHAMPIONS OF REALISM, Dec 2nd - Jan 4th, Wendt Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA.

MAS ALLA DEL REALISMO, Nov 18th - Dec 3rd, Galeria Arte Libre, Zaragoza, Spain.

RED DOT, Nov 30th- Dec 4th, Cavalier Galleries, Wynwood Art District, FL.

GREAT AMERICAN FIGURATIVE, Nov 20th, Waterhouse Gallery, Santa Barbara, NY.

ART HAMPTONS, Jul 9th - 11th, Sayre Park, Bridgehampton, NY.

ANNIGONI’S LEGACY, May 13th - 30th, Villa Bardini Museum, Florence, Italy.

ARTE AMÉRICAS, The Latin American Art Fair, Mar 26th - 29th, Miami Beach

Convention Center, Miami Beach, FL.

ART & ANTIQUE SHOW, Feb 13th - 16th, Palm Beach County Convention Center, Palm Beach, FL.

REVIVING REALISM, Jan 22nd - Feb 7th, Cavalier Galleries, Greenwich, Connecticut.


ABSTRACTOMICINA, Nov 30th - Jan 30th, Cremata Gallery, Miami, FL.

SALON INTERNATIONAL 2009, Apr 10th - 30th, Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art, San

Antonio, TX.

ARTE AMÉRICAS, Mar 26th – 29th, Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach,



ARTE AMÉRICAS, Mar 22nd – 25th, Convention Center, Miami Beach, FL.

LA FABBRICA DEI SOGNI, Jan 19th - Feb 17th, Casa del Mantegna, Mantova, Italy.



INTERNATIONAL CARIBBEAN ART FAIR, Nov 1st - 4th, Puck Building, New York,NY.

ArtDC, Jun 1st –3rd, Washington Convention Center, DC.

CIRCA, Mar 30th - Apr 2nd, Puerto Rico Convention Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

ARTE AMÉRICAS, The Latin American Art Fair, March, Miami Beach Convention

Center, Miami Beach, FL.

ART OFF THE MAIN, Oct, New York, NY.

ART MIAMI, January 5th- 8th, Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, FL.


FLORENCIMIENTO, Apr 26th, Uffizi Center, Florence, Italy.


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Awards and Honors

Florida’s Feature Artist for Hispanic Heritage Month, Office of the First Lady DeSantis,

September, 2021

Grand Prize and People’s Choice Award, Academy of Realist Art Boston Figure Painting

Competition, Boston, MA, 2016.

First Prize, Cosmic Connection, Concept Art Fair (Art Basel Week), Miami, FL, 2014.

First Prize, Grand Central Academy Portrait Sketch Competition, New York, NY, 2013.

Miami Dade College Hall of Fame Award, 2013.

Grand Prize Winner, ACOPAL’s open competition, “Out of the Square”, 2011.

10 Cover Contest Winners, American Artist Magazine, “Temperance”, 2011.

First Place, Southwest Art Magazine, 21 under 31 Competition, “Young Versed”, 2010.

First Place, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, It’s Time We Met Contest, “Dancers”, New

York, 2010.


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